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Of course on a table game if you get in good with the floor supervisor who is taking your card he could be more generous in his determination of your avg bet and time played. The Casino was nice to me on the Legend, let's see if it keeps it up on the Triumph. Do you have live poker on board? It is standard for most cruise ship casinos and even on most land casinos. Yes, there is no charge at the slot machines for using your onboard account card to access funds.

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For further enquiries please e-mail casino carnival. And these are huge comps compared to those offered in land-based casinos.

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Both slot and table players can receive comps, such as complimentary drinks, spa treatments, logo items, invitations to our Steakhouse, and wine at your dining table, based on your casino play. Points are more easily earned on slot machines. What info did u include in your e-mail? The winnings pack on the card, and you can use it on other machines.

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These tax guidelines are for citizens and permanent residents of the United States only. On Premier sailings, this is automatically included for the targeted guest and one companion. You can access your funds to play slots during regular casino hours any time during the cruise. If I win, do I have to pay taxes?

Casino and Carnival Players Club

Instant cash back is paid per cruise and only on slots. All members are eligible to receive benefits and special offers. It also monitors earned points. Table limits vary and are modified to best suit the guests onboard. If so, how can I establish one?

They should be located on the back of your mailer or at the bottom of your e-mail. If you are unable to access a computer please e-mail casino carnival. This includes all alcoholic beverages.

Travelers Checks can be used to purchase chips at the tables and credit for the slot machines. Offers may only be valid on certain cruise dates booked within a certain time frame. My husband and I like to play in your casino. Pages Drive for Cash About Us.

We do not issue specific players club card. Table Players can also qualify for the drink card - they'll need to ask the Pit Boss to get rated for this program. Play the slots, earn min points and you'll be automatically enrolled in the club. My understanding is they no longer take phone calls. They won't take phone calls anymore, top 10 no deposit bonus casinos you need to email them at casino carnival.

If your planned cruise date does not fall within those booking windows then your offer is not valid for that particular cruise. They said to check with the casino host once on board for any on board comps. Comps are extended on board based on your level of play. They get invited to select sailings, and must sail on one of these in order to receive great amenities, including special cruise rates, casino cash, Players Club gifts and free drinks while playing. What are your minimum bets on the tables?

The following is the only published facts from the Carnival Players Club which can be found online. We actually have a special casino premier cruise on the Carnival Sunshine this week? This survey is integrated with Carnival Cruise Tips and Tricks.

There is normally no tax withheld on slot jackpots if the winner can provide a valid social security number. How old do you have to be to gamble on board? You may also access those funds for continued gaming action at another slot machine. Will you please give us another free offer?

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Just insert your card into any slot machine. We offer live poker played on the automated Poker Pro tables. Special Interest Cruising. You will earn comps based upon your average bet and time played.

Do I get complimentary drinks while playing? As to the exact rules - the staff will explain them to you at the game.

You must ensure to present your card at each session. Bingo cards punch cards are for one session and not limited to one game. Can I use my on board account card to get funds in the casino? We offer Slot, Blackjack and Poker tournaments on nearly all itineraries. Do you accept cash in the casino?

Let me explain what I mean. What are your table limits? Please advise the table games dealer or supervisor that you wish to be rated every time you play. For high rollers, credit lines may be established prior departure.