Speed Dating Fundraiser

You can send your notes with a piece of candy or another small gift for an additional price. Offer up the trip of a lifetime with a vacation giveaway! In a matching gifts fundraiser, dating churches help their congregants get charitable gifts matched by their employers.

Free Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas
1. Dining Out

Speed Dating and 4 Other Innovative Team Building Activities

Save money and ask local businesses or individuals to contribute items or experiences. At your event, guests can place bids on paper sheets or via mobile phones for a chance to take home an item. Church Fundraising Software.

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Charge for entry to the contest and line the photos up in one spot. Plus, this whole event is low-cost, meaning there is a huge chance for a favorable fundraising return on investment. Trivia Night Put your mind to work at a charity trivia night! Setting up a t-shirt sale is really simple. As you make your selections, just remember one thing.

If you want creative, look no further than speed networking. Speed Dating Help your cause while helping someone find love. Speed networking will run in much the same way as a speed dating fundraiser, minus the romance.

10 Free Fundraising Ideas

Speed Dating Fundraiser

Give professional pairs around eight minutes to mingle before calling for a switch. Offer a cash prize from some of the proceeds to the best dunker, or find donated prizes from local businesses for the winner and runner ups. Set up tables and have a moderator keep time. Set a date and a percentage of sales from that night that will go to your group.

How to Host a Speed Dating Event

1. Crowdfunding for Churches

263 Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Ideas

But make sure you review the entire list because there are some real gems from the top to the bottom of the page! An Angel Festival is similar to a carnival and usually occurs around Christmas. As each attendee arrives, have them put a song on a piece of paper in a jar and pull from that jar during a lightning round! Congregants can pay a fee per holiday for teens to set up their decorations, i am dating a powerful and they can sell them new decorations as well! All three of these fundraisers are sure to bring success.

In an envelope fundraiser, donors will pick a numbered envelope and give whatever number is on the front. With the check you receive, your church can put the money directly to your next big project without hassle. Like we said before, silent auctions take a lot of time and effort to plan.

Fundraising Ideas for Fall - Fundraising Event Ideas


Host a christian speed dating event at your church for congregants looking for love. To find the right mobile fundraising system for your church, take into account the size of your congregation, the number of campuses or sites you have, and the systems that you already use. Discover youth group fundraising ideas. Larger churches have special considerations when it comes to choosing a fundraising system.

Potty Protection Insurance. This event costs nothing to put together and is sure to be a good time. More Fundraising Ideas for Churches. Charity Hike Get outside for a good cause!

These bricks can then be used in your project and create lasting memories. Mobile Fundraising for Larger Churches. We often include similar information from multiple sources to reflect possible variations.

  • Some contain detailed instructions while others are just brief summaries of past fundraising activities of other organizations.
  • Ebates is a website that grants users cash back on everyday purchases from big-name retailers and online vendors.
  • Make the Grade Fundraiser.

Or is it just this awesome chili cookoff fundraiser? Whacking Dead Golf Tournament. Plan the greatest trip you can think up.

Speed Dating and 4 Other Innovative Team Building Activities

Advertise your shoe drive in your church newsletter and remind congregants to donate their shoes every Sunday. Use those pipes for a cause! Themed Youth Group Parties. The winner receives half of the funds raised instead of a traditional prize.

Candles are the perfect year-round product for your church to sell. Our do-it-yourself fundraising ideas come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Your supporters are just as bored with the same old, same old as you and your staff are.

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Get into those skinny jeans early and stay that way with a weight loss challenge fundraiser. Silent auctions are the perfect opportunity to let people know about upcoming projects or events that will need extra funding or volunteer help. Hold a karaoke competition for those wanting to show off their singing chops. Slam Dunk Competition Hit the court and raise some money!

2. Photo Contest

Discover even more church fundraising ideas. We try to provide appropriate credit to the sources but we sometimes find some good fundraising ideas in bulletin board messages that do not fully identify the author so we go with what we have. Learn more about planning events like these. Visit Brick Markers to learn about engraving bricks for your church.

Then, you can sell the candles directly to your congregants or have them sell them to their friends and family members. All giving efforts are directed at helping this one person or group of people accomplish a goal or cover an expense that they would otherwise be unable to cover on their own. By the end of the night your group will have raised some money and hopefully, some sparks will fly! Your church can set up a simple potluck dinner or an elegant catered mixer for hopeful lovebirds. This time though, instead of competing to walk the most miles or read the most books, female doctor dating male people will be competing to shed the most pounds.

  1. For the event, your artistic congregants can create angels out of any materials they want.
  2. Each time someone goes to Amazon and buys something using your affiliate link, your church will get a portion of the sale.
  3. Nonprofit Information is an independent informational website for nonprofits and philanthropists.
  4. Ready, get set, go raise some money!

So, plenty of marketing using your strong social media presence is a must. For instance, if an assistant pastor and his family are looking to go on a mission trip, they can set up a crowdfunding page for members of the church to give directly online. Gumdrop is a website that helps users save money while shopping at all of their favorite online stores.

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Field Day Ready, get set, go raise some money! Crowdfunding enables your church to rally around a single cause and help a particular individual or family. Your church can charge an admission fee to the sale to raise money.

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